Our life today revolves around our gadgets. There is constant sharing of photos, videos, messages and much more. Whenever we receive any funny joke or a useful information through a video or photograph, instantly we send it to our friends. Rather than having everyone gather around you to view the video or photo, we prefer to send it out to individual devices. But there is another method on how we can share videos and photos without having to pass the phone around or allow people gather around our phone.

Mirrorcasting allows a user to share the information from their phone screen to the big screen which can be a TV, monitor or a projector. It is that simple, but the real deal is that you should have a smart TV to make use of this mirrorcasting technology. But there is something called as Mobile Screen Cast which also allows similar feature from your smartphone on to any TV screen.

 Mobile Screen Cast would allow you to cast your smartphone screen on to the big TV screen so that everyone can enjoy the photos or videos together. Using this feature, you can not only view videos or photos but you can also project, Facebook website, various other browsers, documents and any content present on your phone.

The Mobile Cast also works when you do not have a TV. Just cast the content on to your computer monitor or a projector. Basically all it requires is a screen and you can easily project any content whether at home, in college, classrooms, office etc.

Now, you may wonder that since it does so much of work wont that drain the battery. The good news is that; your mobile battery would not get drained. There is also an option to charge the device simultaneously while in use.

It feels like breeze when you make use of the Mobile Screen Cast. With just three simple steps, you are ready for mirror casting.

  • Just plug in the mobile screen cast into the screen input such as a projector, TV, monitors etc.
  • Connect that device to the mobile screen cast media
  • Once the connection is in place, you are all set to enjoy your phone content on the big screen.

This device is so small and handy that you can carry it anywhere you go. The port design of this device makes it easier to connect everything without the worry of tangling cords.

Do you want to watch movies or shows while travelling? Just carry this small device and watch it on your smartphone. This screen cast is a portable device and it would not take up too much space in your bag.

Overall, this is one of the best products when it comes to mirrorcasting. There are no hassles with it. Using this device is also simpler. You can share your content at any location or even while you are travelling. You get crisp and crystal clear picture quality due to the 1080p HD output. At times, it may have trouble finding the device but this is a common case for most of the devices. It would resolve on its own after few attempts.