Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna Review 2019

When we talk about TV antennas then Mohu Leaf is one of the top brands that comes to our mind. Surely it has some great features in each of their models to look out for. The Mohu Leaf 50 covers a range of 50miles providing ample amount of channels for its users.

The design of Mohu Leaf is sleek and paper thin thus making it a discreet looking antenna that can be easily placed in any location of the house. With smaller dimensions and flat look, this antenna can be hung on the wall or near the window without the fear of falling. It is designed using the US military technology thus considered to be one of the trusted antennas in the market. Mohu always comes up with innovative products for its viewers and this antenna is one among those.

It comes along with a 16foot long coaxial cable thus enabling you to easily place it in any part of the room. This antenna has a plug and play concept. You would however need to try out various locations in the house to get better results while scanning. Hence, reposition the antenna until you get the best signal reception. The overall setup of this antenna is simple and easier. Hence it would not take you a lot of time to enjoy your favourite channels once the placement is decided.

Mohu Leaf is an HD antenna; hence you can be assured to receive HD crystal clear picture absolutely for free. With the best picture quality, there is no need to even think about cable or satellite channels any longer. This device comes along with the best of two technologies.

Firstly, you get an amplifier that would further extend the range to 50+ so as to provide better reception. Secondly, the filtering technology would also allow the amplifier to clear out the FM signals so as to get an overall better reception. You can surely receive more than 40 to 50 channels based on your current area. Some of the major broadcasting networks include, ABC, PBS, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW and many more.

Mohu also offers a special listing of channels that are available in your area. So, this is something that you may need to check out to see if there are any channels missing. This antenna is also 4K ready hence you do not have to worry about getting a new antenna installed for this latest technology.

Overall, we can say that Mohu Leaf 50 is a great indoor antenna. Flat design, CleanPeak Filter Technology, HD format and multidirectional reception makes it a great pick for all the cord cutters. If you still wondering whether to cut the cord or no, then do not think further. This is the right time to get rid of the cable or satellite service and switch to TV antennas. Free TV has never been this simple and easier. The best part is, this is all legitimate and there is no scam about it. So you can be assured to have a great package with you.