PicsArt for Windows 10 refreshed with a selective element

Famous photograph altering application PicsArt today reported an update for Windows 10 gadgets. This update incorporates AutoEdit, a select element for Windows that empowers you to right away change your pictures into show-stoppers with a solitary tap. To attempt this element, tap on “AutoEdit” from the base toolbar in the Editor. When you tap it, PicsArt right away shows a rundown of excellent channels that speak to the best in class altering patterns in the PicsArt people group.

This update additionally incorporates the Square Fit Tool, which empowers you to fit any of your rectangular pictures into a square shape. You can alter the shade of your experience, utilize an obscured adaptation of your photograph as a foundation, or browse a choice of fun foundation pictures to make your photos look astounding. Lastly, you would now be able to get moment refreshes for your photos and for the general population you pursue.

PicsArt download for windows 10 it here from Windows Store.

TVRoxx Review Can This Small Device Make Your Television Smart

Are you frustrated and tired of the rising cable prices? Is the cable or satellite bills burning a hole in your pocket? Even though there is an increase in cable prices, the shows are just the same. Many a times you do not even remember how many channels are available through cable service. The user hardly has any control over it. But now is the time to bid adieu to the cable companies. It is time to control the remote of entertainment. Take a complete charge of entertainment. Though it would sound astonishing as to how can this really happen. But the answers to all your doubts is, TVRoxx.

There has been a new revolution in terms of the TVRoxx. It has been referred to as a game changer. There is no longer any dependency on the cable service provider for providing the daily dose of entertainment. This small device can be directly plugged into the HDMI cord of your TV unit. Once the system is plugged, it would unleash a new world of entertainment.

TVRoxx is an Android media hub that provides a lot of features to its users. All of your multimedia needs can be met by this small device. This is not your ordinary looking Android streaming box rather there is a lot you can do with it. This device not only has the power to turn your ordinary TV into a smart box but it also allows you to stream photo and video on this big screen. You can also watch all of the latest movies and entertainment shows directly on the big screen.

Let us have a look at some of the features provided by TVRoxx:

  • Facility to import all of the picture library on to the library of your device. Doing so, you can also create slideshows or filter out the pictures so as to make the search process easier.
  • TVRoxx also has the ability to stream movies. It supports most of the video formats such as HEVC, ISOs, H.264 and many more.
  • With TVRoxx, you can play any of your favourite music. This can be done directly through OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC formats.
  • Streaming has been made a lot simpler with TVRoxx but you would need a fast internet connection.
  • With the help of your favourite browser you can search the internet for any information and watch it on TV.
  • With the latest software, you can watch all of your favourite television shows. You can watch the entire season and episodes.
  • Provides access to unlimited sports events thus making it easier to watch any of the sports events such as UFC, boxing and many more.

TVRoxx device comes along with a 4G wireless mouse for browsing through internet browsers or movie list and also 1 HDMI cable.

But to enjoy all of these features, you would need a good bandwidth. You would need to get an internet package that allows for faster and quicker internet speed. However, this is a common case for most of the media boxes.

Overall TVRoxx is a great package. It is a bundle of multiple services that should not be missed out on.

ThePhotoStick Mobile Review: Can It Really Save All of Your Memories?

Many a times when you are in the middle of clicking photos or videos and the phone gives a message “Storage Full”. This can drive anyone crazy since you are no longer able to click any photos or videos. Backing up all data in the past was a hassle but not any longer.

With PhotoStick Mobile, carrying out backup on the computer or laptop has been made easier and without any hassle. It just a click of the button to store backup of media files. PhotoStick is a small, compact and sleek device that needs to be plugged into a USB port.

There is a file that can be downloaded so as to ensure that PhotoStick works quickly on the phone. This app is compatible with iPad, Android, iPod and iPhone. You just need to plug this device into your phone. The process is so simple that even a non-tech person can use it with ease.

If you do not want to backup all of your memories on the PhotoStick device, then there is another way to store the memories. Just plug the unit into the USB port of the computer. Once the connection is in place, it would start to transfer all data on the computer in just a matter of few seconds.

Many a times people wonder as to what is the use of storing so much data and so often. One in every three smartphones are prone to get damaged and lose out on the precious photos and videos. Suddenly the phone slips from your hand and lands in water or breaks. These problems cannot be predicted hence it is always best to play safe before there is a bigger damage.

This is a risk-free device. The setup of this device is even quicker than installing the antenna. It not only saves you a lot of money which you would have spent on storing in the cloud account but at the same time you get a peace of mind thinking that the files are all safe. Many a times, we wonder what is the need to get this device. But it is important to remember that casualties can occur at any time. Hence why regret later when you can prevent such casualties in the first place itself.

Without paying any extra cost you get to store almost 60,000 media files. There are also no monthly charges to avail this service. Do not think further, just purchase this product and start backing up all of your important data.

There are three different sizes of PhotoStick available:

  • The base model is 32GB which can store up to 15,000 media files
  • The first upgrade model is 64Gb and it can store 30,000 media files.
  • The final upgrade model is 128GB which can store 60,000 media files.

Isn’t this better than expected. Based on your requirements, you can purchase the right one. Overall, this is great pick for saving your media files and it fits in your budget easily. This is a one-time investment which is worth a try.