PhotoStick Reviews Backup All of Your Photos and Videos in Seconds

We are every time surrounded with gadgets whether it is a computer, laptop, TV unit, gaming console or a smartphone. Everywhere you would find constant usage of gadgets. This has led to a lot of dependency on these gadgets as well. We click photographs, take numerous videos, watch so many content online, but if suddenly the gadget crashes then it is all lost in a matter of few seconds. Hence there is a constant fear of losing out so much of data. This has led to need for storing this data elsewhere or keeping a backup.

We carry our smartphone everywhere hence there are so many photos and videos stored in it. But have you ever thought that what would happen if you lose out on these precious memories? But when you have a simple and easy device like PhotoStick then there is no need to worry about keeping backup.

PhotoStick is a plug and play device that is very much compatible with the USB port of your computer. PhotoStick is just a one-time investment wherein you have to pay for the stick. After which you need to simply plug it in the computer port and store backup.

The usage of PhotoStick is very easy and quick. It is a one-in-all solution for backing up photos and videos. This small device has some exciting features which makes things pretty easier.

  • There is no need for any installations. All you would need to do is just plug it in the port and automatically the interface would load. Hence, you are free from installing the software. This device works well on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Many a times while you maintain backups there are lot of duplicate files which gets saved everywhere. This takes up lot of unnecessary space. However, with PhotoStick all of the duplicate files are removed thus ensuring that the space is optimally utilized.

The best part of this small device is that, it can store up to 60,000 videos and photos or 128GB of media files. Saving the media files would not take much time. It gets done in just a matter of few seconds. PhotoStick is not only compact but at the same time very efficient and fast.

Storing backup is an on-going process. Hence, you just need to plug in this device whenever the need be. It saves all of the recent media files as well. There is no hassle with PhotoStick since the process is simple. Every media type files can be saved with this device, GIF, PCT File, JPEG, BMP, Photoshop, PNG, WMV, MOV, ICO, MPEG4, TIFF.

When you leave the device in the USB slot, it still carries out its work. Hence, even if you forget to carry out the backup process, it does so on its own while it is plugged in. But do not shut down the unit in the middle of the saving process else the files will get damaged.

Overall, this is a great product for storing all of your media files without much fuss or hassles. Quite an easy to use solution which is compact and can be carried anywhere.